Customized solutions for your transportation needs.

When you come to the aloha state, you should be mapping out your adventures and planning which beach to get sand in between your toes. Not stressing and worrying about how to get around.  

Renting your own car can be time consuming at the airport and stressful as you navigate through the traffic in Honolulu.  Not to mention the high overnight parking rates at most hotels and the limited parking at most tour sites and beaches.

Signing up for a big public group tour versus chartering the perfect size vehicle for your private group tour means you don't waste your vacation waiting for the bus to stop at every hotel.  It also means you can map out how you want to experience this island on your own terms with your own private guide.  With our per hour vehicle rates, you save money by deciding the right vehicle for your needs.

We can be your answer to a day's worth of a private tour or a golfing tee time.  We can also be your answer for a dinner transfer or your airport transfer.  

For whatever occasion or event, AM Tours Hawaii can offer the right solution for your needs.  Regardless of what form of transportation you need to move around Hawaii, we can move you!


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